Cloudpeer Platforms

Not every platform is a Cloudpeer platform

All our platforms have some common denominators. A new idea can potentially turn into a Cloudpeer platform if:

1.It encompasses the platform business model: Enables a platform business model on at least a two-sided network. Multi-sided network potential which means an ecosystem is what we really get excited about.

2.It creates and transfers value via SaaS: Our platforms create value for both sides of the network simultaneously: supply and demand. We do it through SaaS.

3. It is about some transactional relationship between platform members: We mainly focus on inter-entity transactional relationships, be it money, or information or contract transactions.

4.It can be vertically integrated to our other platforms: This lets us stay focused and create scale efficiencies.

Our platforms’ are of SaaS nature

Each Cloudpeer-powered platform can also be categorized as a software-as-a-service company mainly serving B2B markets. So, what is the generic value proposition that glues all our platforms together?

Each of our platforms main mission is providing SaaS functions that help businesses digitalize their business processes and accelerate their digital transformation journeys. And we do it in an ecosystem our platform already embodies. Empowered by our SaaS solutions and underlying ecosystem’s economies-of-scale and inherent connectivity, businesses can develop or adopt new digital capabilities to:

Do business faster and more-efficiently

Augment customer experience to a new, more digital level

Operate in a more controlled, secure environment