Technology Assets

Technology Assets

We enable our platforms on our proprietary technology


Our platforms are built on Cloudpeer core technology assets.

These are not the end products we license to our clients. Technology assets are the combination of:

Do business faster and more-efficiently

Augment customer experience to a new, more digital level

Operate in a more controlled, secure environment


ALP, Advanced Ledgers Platform, is a blockchain platform engineered and developed end-to-end by Cloudpeer. ALP is designed and optimized for private-permissioned B2B transactional networks that serves real or near-real time service delivery and auditing. Its security mechanisms are well-crafted to comply with enhanced data protection principles while data is created, is stored and traverses organizational and legislative boundaries. In multi-stakeholder value networks (i.e. ecosystems), ALP serves a common service bus for all transactions happening between network participants.


Be9 first emerged as a banking-as-a-service platform performing real-time multi-bank service flows and transactions. Be9’s most promising feature is that it embodies inherent reconciliations. Be9 is in continuous evolution and now has crossed the boundaries of transaction banking. When coupled with ALP, Be9 adds an extra layer of data protection and immutability. Be9 platforms core components are the API gateway, transaction engine, workflow engine, file processing engine and catalog services. Be9 enables real-time, straight-through transaction processing and inherent reconciliations.