Working at Cloudpeer

Working at Cloudpeer

We are culture oriented

We define ourselves first as engineers, then as creatives. We value professionals who love to research, learn, experiment, perform and deliver the targets; and those who entertain helping others explore, learn and develop. We reflect humane values of honesty, respect, ethics, integrity, compassion, transparency, tolerance, empathy and sharing with the others to our way of doing business and to the organization’s foundational virtues.

We love and respect diversity. We think when well-managed, diversity is a big contributor to the organization’s creativity and makes a difference in each individual’s life in the organization.

Quality is the essential pillar of our company. We operate with quality shareholders, quality leadership, quality people, quality organization, quality marketing, quality products, quality operations and quality customer experience.

Free thinking and professional conflicts, debates and confrontations are what we encourage in the entire organization.

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